WELL-Being Program

Living without indoor plumbing is difficult, but living without water at all is practically impossible. Yet, thousands of small villagers throughout the world are doing just that.

Imagine a family with five small children and no water nearby for drinking, cooking, laundry, cleaning, or bathing. To live in these conditions is an extreme hardship, but with the promotion of our WELL-Being Program, all that is beginning to change. Still, we need your continued support.

Amazingly enough, it takes only $300 to pay for the construction of a well for an entire village! That’s less than a family of four visiting Disney World for one day. So little money to ease the daily burden of fetching only the water one can carry from afar, which can eliminate thirst and the risk of bacterial diseases.

At World Wholeness, we are an organization of WELL-Wishers, and our greatest desire is to proclaim that we achieved a job “WELL Done” for each of these villages by supplying them with life-giving water for true WELL-Being.

The WELL-Being Program wants to personalize every village that receives a job “Well Done.” For every water well you sponsor, you will receive a bio about the village, with its name, location, information about the village’s families and the community’s livelihood, and future goals for growth and success. Plus, you will receive a picture of the well with a sign next to it dedicating it in your name. Through your participation, we can alleviate suffering, promote good health, and bring as many people as possible from around the world together in unified harmony. Even if you can only afford to help once in your life, what a blessing you are for the well-being of this planet.